Mexican Redheart Fountain Pen

I just bought a half dozen pieces of this. It’s quarter sawn Mexican Redheart with some beautiful twist to the grain. If I can get more I will, so if you’d like something particular out of this wood let me know. For instance I’d be happy to make a pen/pencil set out of it.

One thing to mention about Mexican Redheart: If it’s exposed to UV rays the red color will gradually fade to a brown or tan. It’ll still look great, but if you want to keep the red color, then it’s best to keep it in a sleeve or box when not in use.



Mexican Redheart FP
Product Options
1with Leather Sleeve$50.000
2with Rosewood Box$55.000
Shipping Rate: A

Sorry, this product is sold. If this was your favorite let me know. I would be happy to make something similar.