Curly Maple w/ Various Inlay

I love curly maple. Curly anything is beautiful. Unfortunately most curly maple has “curls” that are too big for my uses. The kind of wood that would make a gorgeous dresser or table, but a piece small enough to make a pen out of wouldn’t show any wave. This happened to be a nice tight piece. I’ll have to try another photo, but in the lower shot you can see a bit of the movement in the wood. The inlays are Chakte Viga, Cocobolo, Mexican Redheart, Mahogany and Katalox.

Various Inlay

Curly Maple w Various Inlay FP
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1with Leather Sleeve$40.000
2with Rosewood Box$45.000
Shipping Rate: A

Sorry, this product is sold. If this was your favorite let me know. I would be happy to make something similar.