Lignum Vitae and Acrylic

Time was that I would have thought that acrylic is simply a manufactured material without inherent character. This is decidedly not true. I have almost as much fun picking through pieces of acrylic as I do with pieces of wood. Every once in a while in the midst of a stack of miscellaneous pieces you’ll find one that has particularly nice movement inside it. This one to me looked like a great satellite photo. My wife says it’s ocean. I guess that’s not so much a disagreement as a difference in scale. 3 feet away can look similar to 3 miles away in the right weather.

Lignum Vitae and Acrylic FP
Product Options
1with Leather Sleeve$60.000
2with Rosewood Box$65.000
Shipping Rate: A

Sorry, this product is sold. If this was your favorite let me know. I would be happy to make something similar.