Katalox Ballpoint with Various Inlay

Shown with Leather Sleeve.


Vitiated Cocobolo Ballpoint

I will be sad when I have used up the last of this piece of cocobolo, but in the meantime here’s a ballpoint pen. Hope you like it.


Acrylic and Acrylester

I like Acrylic and Acrylester as accents to wood. Wood is still what it’s all about for me at this time, but this seemed like an intriguing combo all by itself. Sort of a fade from night into day, although the purple in the middle is a bit “purple-y” for that metaphor. If you’ve got a better metaphor let me know.



Katalox Ballpoint

Katalox is a very hard wood. It has the feel of Indian Rosewood or perhaps Ebony. Medium weight. I will likely make some sets out of Katalox at some point. It just has a solid, smooth feel to it.

Katalox Ballpoint Pen

Cocobolo Burl and Pau Ferro w/ Chakte Viga Inlay Ballpoint

This piece of cocobolo shouted at me from the shelf. It was just a small scrap, useless for furniture or the like because of the huge knot in it. I absolutely couldn’t pass it up. I decided not to dodge the rough part of the knot, and I’m glad I did. The swirl of grain on the opposite side is just lovely. These are a bit more difficult to make, but if they all turned out like this I might not do anything else.

Cocobolo Burl, Pau Ferro w/ Chakte Viga Inlay

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