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About Me – FAQ

Hello and welcome,

My name is Mike Schultz, and all of the pens and pencils on this website have been made by me personally.

I love the process of making fine writing instruments. I love the smell, feel and look of fine wood pens and pencils. When I sit down to write with a beautiful pen it becomes an event, even if it is to write a shopping list. I become more conscious of the act of writing, and I feel that any time I am paying attention to what I am doing is time well spent.

All of my pens and pencils are hand made one at a time. There is no production line. Each item is designed as it is made, depending on the materials that I have on hand. If you specifically like a design that I have made before, let me know and I will try something similar. All feedback is welcome.

Some details about the categories:

Ball Point Pens – Primarily twist pens. The refills for these at this time are Parker Style. Similar in writing quality to Cross, Parker, etc… Gel inserts are available.

Rolling Ball Pens – Most of these are of the post-able threaded cap variety. The refills for these are either Hauser or Schmidt. If you expect this to be the same as a ball point you will be quite surprised. Writing quality is much smoother, with flow more like that of a fountain pen. (Mmmm, nice).

Fountain Pens – Post-able threaded cap. Nibs are german made with either fine or medium rhodium point. All fountain pens come with replaceable cartridge installed. Ink converter is available for filling from ink bottles.

Mechanical Pencils – At this time all of my pencils use .07 mm lead in standard length. Erasers are, to be honest, pretty whimpy, but will work in an emergency. This is unacceptable to me, but so far I haven’t had time to make major changes.

Calligraphy Pens – Any of my fountain pens can be converted into a calligraphy pen with a variety of nibs available. Nibs will be displayed eventually, in the meantime please email me for more information.