Shawl #2

Sorry for the delay in getting some new pens out. I’ve made a handful more on commission, but I’ve also been still engrossed in lace knitting. Here’s shawl #2. So far I seem to be averaging 1 per semester of teaching. This is approximately 60″ in diameter.


Shawl as of 4/13/10

This is the reason I have not been posting any pens lately. Much, much more time consuming than pens and pencils, but almost done now! (And less than a month late for my wife’s birthday.)


Bubinga Calligraphy Set

Bubinga Calligraphy Set - w/ 6 Nibs

Each calligraphy set comes as standard with 6 nibs, extra ink cartridges and 1 converter for using bottled ink. Either “boring-but-appropriate” plastic case or “pretty-but-impractical” wood case included (For now. I may end up making my own cases). Bubinga is also known as African Rosewood. Frequently used for musical instruments and fancy furniture. Also used for the dashboard in your second cousins Lexus.

Thuya Burl Fountain Pen

This is available if I can convince my wife that it is for sale. It really is very beautiful. Email me if you want me to sneak it out of the house. The material is not easy to come by, but when I see it available for a reasonable price I buy it. This might be my favorite wood… except for some of the others.

Thuya Burl Fountain Pen

Brazilian Rosewood Set

Brazilian Rosewood w/ Rhodium Pen and Pencil Set